What better way to spend a night in the Easter Holidays! At Bodyrockerz we love to provide extra social events to help all current and new pupils bond and continue to strengthen friendships. What a fabulous night we had! When we put this on the diary dates we never expected 34 of you to put your names down, we had two very sleepy teachers in the morning but what great fun we all had!


Chynas mum Christine who works night shifts said ‘it gave Chyna a great break from her nans whilst she was working.’

Millie and Courtney’s mum Debbie said the girls had a fantastic time. Maiah said ‘zzzzzzzz’ the following day, all day! Haha see pic of her on her sofa!!

Libby said ‘I had the best night of my life with the Bodyrockerz family!!!’

We pride ourselves on ensuring new pupils fit in and we do our best to help create friendships amongst their new hobby. We will always be a dance school that goes the extra mile, where every child matters and feels part of an extended dance family. If you’d like more information on what we offer please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have lots of crazy fun dance pupils who would love to meet you!

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