Bodyrockerz are set to attend a prestigious festival in Ireland in November this year after having lots of pupils qualify being placed either 1st or 2nd at previous competitions. The festival Dancer of the Year, along with the qualifying competition will hold lots of events in all genres such as rock n roll, street dance and slow pairs. We look forward to offering the opportunity to be a part of this massive event to our Bodyrockerz pupils.

Harry’s mum had kept it a secret from Harry that he will be attending and gave us as teachers the opportunity to surprise Harry in his solo private lesson. We came up with an exciting idea for him to find out the news but couldn’t have wished for a better reaction. Some of our pupils teamed up with us to make it the best surprise ever, pretending to be judges for his solo, with the messages written on the judges notepads. This is an opportunity that Harry clearly values and is looking forward to massively.

Watch the video and grab a tissue!!! Harry, 11, said after finding out… “Wow I can’t actually believe it, I am so excited and I can’t wait to do attend. I never thought I’d be able to go and I love being a part of the Bodyrockerz family. Bring on DOTY!!”

if anyone would like to help us fundraise for this competition then please have a read of our GOFUND me page…

We give thanks in advance to anyone who can help us. It’s much appreciated. Love all at Bodyrockerz x

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