Last weekend saw Bodyrockerz pupils compete for national titles at the prestigious Winter Gardens ballroom, Blackpool; in the IDTA freestyle and rock n roll nationwide finals 2017.

Pupils from 7 areas of England, plus wales and Scotland had competed earlier in the year to qualify in freestyle solo, slow dance, freestyle pairs, rock n roll and freestyle teams. Bodyrockerz had around 100 qualifying places and a lot of hard work and effort had gone into preparing for the national finals from Bodyrockerz teachers, pupils and parents so we are all very proud of our Bodyrockerz pupils!

Some sections at the nationwide finals had over 100 nationwide competitors battling to be recalled to the final 6-8 trophy winning places, and then ultimately to aim to win the 1st place national title.

Bodyrockerz is very proud to announce we had 24 nationwide trophy winning finalist places including an amazing 6 1st place wins:

  • Jade Pulley Trained by Sophie Hutchings won 1st Place Nationally in the 13-15 years for both freestyle solo and slow dance;
  • Bella Robson Trained by Sophie Hutchings won 1st Nationally in the 6 years and under slow dance
  • Freestyle Team Panache choreographed, and Trained by Amanda Johnson in the 26-35 Years Category won 1st Place. (Panache was established in 1997 and has had many National wins since 1999. Some pupils have been in the team since 1997)
  • Riley Malone and Caitlyn Knopwood Trained by Amanda Johnson and Sophie Hutchings in the 10-12 years freestyle pairs won 1st Place;
  • Lauren Hall and Holly Wisniewski Trained by Sophie Hutchings and Amanda Johnson in the 13-15 years freestyle pairs won 1st Place and also 2nd Place in Rock n Roll

Bodyrockerz also had 9 semi-finalist places narrowly missing out on making the final!

  • Holly Wisniewski trained in solo by Sophie Hutchings made 4 finals over the weekend.
  • Riley Malone trained in solo by Amanda Johnson made 3 finals.
  • Isabel Lockwood trained in solo by Steph Hirst also made 3 finals!
  • 10-13 Years Team Delicious, choreographed by Amanda Johnson and trained by Amanda and Sophie achieved a respectable 5th Place Nationally in a competitive section.

All Bodyrockerz pupils aged 4-38 danced their hearts out and it was a pleasure for us to watch them perform in front of 7 adjudicators and a massive audience at such a prestigious venue!

The following are the results from the weekends Nationwide Finals for Bodyrockerz Pupils:


3-5 years Rosette Solo
Frankie Roberts SEMI FINALS (11th Place)
Sienna Wallace Round 1

6-8 years Rosette Solo
Macie Boyd SEMI FINAL (7th PLACE)
Bella Robson SEMI FINAL (11th PLACE)
Emme Keen 2 recalls
Jessica Knopwood 1 recall

6-10 Years Star Dance Solo
Isabel Lockwood 5TH PLACE!
James Plunkett 2 recalls

9 Years and Under Solo
Millie Spencer 2 recalls

10-12 Years Solo
Riley Malone 4th PLACE!
Courtney Spencer 6th PLACE!
Harry Parkes 3 recalls
Millie Whitehead 3 recalls
Maddie Eastwood 2 recalls
Maiah Fraser 1 recall
Daisy Marsh 1 recall
Libby Hemsley 1 recall

13-15 Years Solo
Holly Wisniewski 4th PLACE!
Isobelle Knopwood 8th PLACE!
Aaliyah Francique 2 recalls
Libby Morelli 2 recalls
Lucy McLintock 1 recall

18-25 Years Solo
Katie Obrien round 1

26 and Above Years Solo
Helen Driscoll 5TH PLACE!


Up to 6 Years Slow
Jessica Knopwood SEMI FINALS (7th Place)
Scarlett Garside Round 1

7-9 Years Slow
Isabelle Lockwood 7TH PLACE!
Millie Spencer SEMI FINAL (8th Place)
Macie Boyd 2 recalls
Emme Keen 1 recall

10-12 Years Slow
Millie Whitehead 4th PLACE!
Riley Malone 8th PLACE!
Courtney Spencer SEMI FINAL (12th PLACE)
Maddie Eastwood 3 recalls
Emily Moore 3 recalls
Caitlyn Knopwood 3 recalls
Issy Shaw 2 recalls
Daisy Marsh 2 recalls
Emily Green 1 recall

13-15 Years Slow
Holly Wisniewski 4th PLACE!
Lauren Hall 2 recalls
Libby Morelli 1 recall
Megan Barrett Cooper Round 1

18-25 Years Slow
Katie Obrien Round 1

26-35 Years and above Slow
Helen Driscoll 3rd PLACE!


6-8 Years Rosette Rock n Roll
Amelia Thornton 1 recall
Emme Keen round 1

6-10 Years Star Dance Rock n Roll
Isabelle Lockwood round 1


Up to 6 Years Pairs
Scarlett Garside and Bella Robson 4th PLACE!
Kayla Williams and Jessica Knopwood SEMI FINAL (13th PLACE)

7-9 Years Pairs
Millie Spencer and Isabel Lockwood 3RD PLACE!
Amelia Thornton and Macie Boyd 1 recall

10-12 Years Pairs
Caitlyn Knopwood and Riley Malone 1ST PLACE NATIONAL WINNERS!
Issy Shaw and Ella Worrall 2 recalls
Maddie Eastwood and Maiah Fraser 1 recall
Libby Hemsley and Courtney Spencer 1 recall

10-12 Years Girl/Boy pairs
Lily Wheeler and Harry Parkes 4th PLACE!
Emily Green and James Plunkett 7th PLACE!

13-15 Years Pairs
Lauren Hall and Holly Wisniewski 1ST PLACE NATIONAL WINNERS!
Daisy Marsh and Isobelle Knopwood 4th PLACE!
Ally Garside and Aaliyah Francique SEMI FINALS (8th PLACE)
Megan Barrett Cooper and Jade Pulley 1 recall
Emily Moore and Ella Gibson 1 recall

26 and above Years Pairs
Angie and Helen Driscoll 2nd PLACE!


Up to 9 Years Rock n Roll
Isabel Lockwood and Millie Spencer 2 recalls

10-12 Years Rock n Roll
Riley Malone and Caitlyn Knopwood SEMI FINALS (12th PLACE)
Maddie Eastwood and Maiah Fraser 2 recalls
Poppy Bray and Madison Morelli 1 recall
Libby Hemsley and Courtney Spencer Round 1

10-12 Years Girl/Boy Rock n Roll
Harry Parkes and Lily Wheeler SEMI FINALS (8th PLACE)
James Plunkett and Emily Green Round 1

13-15 Years Rock n Roll
Holly Wisniewski and Lauren Hall 2nd PLACE RUNNERS UP!
Isobelle Knopwood and Daisy Marsh 2 recalls
Aaliyah Francique and Ally Garside 1 recall
Ella Gibson and Emily Moore 1 recall

26-35 Years Rock n Roll
Angie and Helen Driscoll 4TH PLACE!

10-13 Years DELICIOUS 5th Place!


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