It all started over 7 years ago when Lauren and her friends attended an after school dance club which Amanda was running. All the girls loved it and decided to give Bodyrockerz School of Dance a try apart from Lauren who was too shy to attend. Amanda came to school for a second time and again Lauren took part, from then she decided to give Bodyrockerz a go.

She got up one Saturday morning, terrified but excited to be going to Bodyrockerz. This was a huge step for Lauren as she was one of the shyest children you would ever come across. She was made to feel welcome by the Bodyrockerz staff and and had her first lesson and really wanted to go back again. And so her Bodyrockerz journey began…

She attended lessons every week and her confidence began to grow slowly. She started having private lessons with Sophie for solo and pairs with her partner Ally. We attended our first IDTA qualifying comp but Lauren was petrified and wouldn’t dance solo, she danced pairs though and loved it even though she was still scared.

Since then there has been no turning back, she auditioned for Freestyle and Street team and was successful getting a place in both. We attend comps on a regular basis and although Lauren still struggles with confidence and is still very quiet she uses dance as a way of expressing herself.

She has gained achievements through her time at Bodyrockerz such as winning Medallist of the Year in Under 9’s. Making the Nationwide finals in solo, pairs with Ally, pairs and rock n roll with Jaden, slow, street and gaining 1st place in team with Babydolls, Sugabeats and Fearless. She also competes in ADFP and through passion, dedication and determination she is now an intermediate dancer in solo and has just won Champ status in slow at our recent Bodyrockerz comp. She is also fighting for Champ status in Pairs with her current partner Natalia.

Dance is a great way for children who are either shy or struggle with confidence to come out of their shell, if Lauren can overcome her fears with massive help from the Bodyrockerz team anybody can, come and join the Bodyrockerz gang!!!


Claire Hall – Mum

Lauren’s Journey so far!

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