What a gorgeous example this video shows of two dancers getting lost in the moment, and just enjoying being kids who love to dance.

This video is special in many ways. One Dancer, Holly, age 15 has been with us for years. She’s worked her way up through competition status with many first places from beginner to Champ and is now on her way to the highest category called Premier Champ.

Dancer 2 is Maddie, age 10. Maddies enjoying her first year with us and is therefore at Beginner status having only just started the adfp competition circuit. She’s working hard and her progression in technique is something to be proud of. She’s using other dancers experience, friendship and advice to help her along her way in competitions.

At Bodyrockerz we love to mix ages, ability and experience to help get the best out of all our dancers. The self esteem and encouragement they give each other is like no other and that’s why our Bodyrockerz family is a massive part of all our lives.

If you have any interest in dance whether it be for competitions or just for fun then get in contact for more info on classes and availability.

We look forward to meeting you and our dancers look forward to sharing their passion with more children x

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