Bodyrockerz boasts a welcoming reception area; a large modern lounge area; kitchen and dining area; toilets on two levels and three large modern dance studios.

With leather sofas to relax on, the lounge area makes an excellent chill-out area for our pupils before, after and between lessons and for the comfort of waiting parents to socialise and enjoy a hot drink.

In the lounge, the trophy cabinet displays a wealth of Team Trophies for first place wins for our Bodyrockerz Freestyle and Street Dance Competitive Formation Teams and Crews from over the last 20 years of competition.

The Bodyrockerz Refuelling Station is at the heart of Bodyrockerz, providing hot and cold drinks and snacks and meals with a warm and friendly welcome.

The Bodyrockerz Boutique displays the Bodyrockerz line of Dancewear optionally available for pupils to purchase to wear in lessons and outside of Bodyrockerz.

Studios 1 and 2 were the first to be renovated in 2007. With mirrors spanning the rooms length and sprung floors, they provide the modern space required to teach our many formation teams, classes and private lessons. With toilets adjoining studio 2, this dance studio is an ideal dance space for our Rosette and Preschool pupils.

In addition to Studios 1 and 2, Studio 3 provides an amazing space, used predominantly for our many fitness strength and flexibility classes. With high timbered ceilings and wooden sprung floors Studio 3 was renovated in 2009 and is a light and airy space with large windows down both sides and mirrors spanning the gable end wall.

Parking for Bodyrockerz families can be found on the roadside on Crow Lane with access to Bodyrockerz at the rear of the studios; with our entrance leading up to Bodyrockerz main reception. We are very proud of the Bodyrockerz premises and love to share this fantastic facility with our Bodyrockerz Family.

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