Amanda, Sophie and the Bodyrockerz Teachers are proud to welcome Jordan Sherwood to join the Bodyrockerz Teaching Team. We look forward to seeing Jordan progress from loyal and talented Bodyrockerz pupil to sharing her expertise with our pupils as she becomes a valued and diverse teacher. Welcome Jordan!

Jordan began dancing at primary school over 10 years ago when Amanda came in to teach the Bodyrockerz after school dance club and she saw potential in Jordan and encouraged her to attend classes at Bodyrockerz School of Dance. Jordan then started as a shy child in the Rosette Class who barely spoke and now because of Bodyrockerz has blossomed into a passionate performer with the ability to teach others.

Jordan has lots of experience in different styles such as freestyle disco, rock and roll, contemporary, ballet, jazz, commercial, musical theatre and street dance.
Jordan has taken part in many shows and stage routines for example Bodyrockerz annual show at Lawrence batley theatre, carnival dancing on the roads and competing on stage in places such as Manchester, Leeds, York, Nottingham and Huddersfield and has also done shows twice a year when she studied at a performing arts college.

Jordan has taken part in many workshops at Bodyrockerz and beyond, such as House, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Bollywood, Break Dancing and Freestyle Disco.

Jordan has been a competitor for nearly 8 years and recently decided she would like to and feels ready to take on teaching at Bodyrockerz. Jordan has been placed in the top 3 in many freestyle and street dance competitions in both beginners and starters in freestyle and beginners and intermediates in street dance at different competitions such as IDTA, open competitions, SDI, UDO, UKDO, and BDO and festivals too.

Jordan attended Kirklees Highfields performing arts college
And did level 3 dance which included styles of ballet, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, musical theatre and bits of street dance.
Jordan started in September 2015 and finished June 2017 achieving Distinction Merit Merit in both choreographing and performance.
Jordan will begin to study at Bodyrockerz to take her IDTA Teachers Qualification alongside other teachers at Bodyrockerz.

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