Bodyrockerz provide pupils with the option of purchasing our new range of practise wear clothing. This is not compulsory but looks smart and pupils feel a part of the Bodyrockerz Family. We offer this in all sizes from age 3 to Adult.

We offer a full range of practice wear:

  • Bodyrockerz Leggings
  • Bodyrockerz Shorts
  • Bodyrockerz Hoodies
  • Bodyrockerz Zipped Hoodies
  • Bodyrockerz Sweaters
  • Bodyrockerz Gillet
  • Bodyrockerz Onesies
  • Bodyrockerz Tshirt

  • Bodyrockerz Cropped Tshirt
  • Bodyrockerz Sleeveless Tshirt
  • Bodyrockerz Leotard
  • Bodyrockerz Crop Top
  • Bodyrockerz Back Pack
  • Bodyrockerz Mug
  • Bodyrockerz Drawstring Bag
  • Bodyrockerz Light Block

Please enquire at the Bodyrockerz Reception for prices and to place an order.

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