Freestyle & Rock N Roll

Freestyle :

Freestyle is an artistic dance style growing into one of the most popular styles in the UK right now.  The style originates from the era of John Travolta in the late 1970’s when disco was created and featured in the film ‘Saturday Night Fever’.  Freestyle has now advanced further into a popular style, which demonstrates high energy, accentuated body movements and great flexibility.  Some of the most common moves are spins, kicks and high jumps.

Rock n Roll:

A fun, energetic, partnered dance, which emerged in America in the 1950s and combines elements of swing, Lindy hop and the jitterbug.  Rock n Roll has developed from the days of it being only a social dance for adults, as it is now very popular amongst youngsters too.  Rock n Roll has also advanced further since the 1980’s and has become very popular in Europe.  It is different in style from the authentic rock ‘n’ roll, now the dance is characterised by very high kicks instead of steps or flicks and it is danced to modern rock or pop music in addition to older rock n roll music of the 1950’s.  The dance style is faster and more dynamic with more demanding acrobatics, which is more suited to shows and competitions.  Our general class routines focus on the basics of rock n roll in a fun way, whilst competition work stems more towards acrobatics.

Please check official timetable as we offer many freestyle classes for different age groups.

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