On Sunday 15th October Bodyrockerz pupils attended the IDTA Medalist of the Year Competition. Competing in Freestyle Solo, Pairs, Rock n Roll and Teams against many other schools from the North East Area! Each year pupils dance their hearts out, in heat after heat to achieve the title of Medalist of the Year in their age group by reaching the final and then winning 1st Place. In 2016 Bodyrockerz Pupils Jade Pulley and Isabel Lockwood won the shield in the 10-13 Years Solo and 6-8 Years Rosette Solo Section.

2017 Medalist of the Year last Sunday saw Bodyrockerz pupil Riley Malone achieve 1st place and so the title Medalist of the Year in the age 10-12 Years Freestyle Solo section!! Well done Riley, we are all very proud of you! This was the biggest section of all the solo categories.
Amazingly in the same section, Bodyrockerz pupils also achieved 2nd 3rd 4th and 6th Place positions with Libby Hemsley, Caitlyn Knopwood, Millie Whitehead and Maddie Eastwood.

Bodyrockerz pupils danced amazingly throughout the day with many other 1st Place in and Finalist Trophy Places in Solo Pairs and Rock n Roll.
All three of Bodyrockerz Teams Baby Dolls, Delicious and Relentless danced amazingly and each achieved 1st Place Positions.
Well done Bodyrockerz; keep up the hard work and determination we are proud of you all X

For anyone wanting to join Bodyrockerz for fun and fitness or to develop further, don’t hesitate to contact us X

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