At Bodyrockerz we do all we can to help raise funds for team costumes so dancers can have matching outfits for competitions, looking smart and creating unity. Every now and again we create opportunities for the children to raise money and like to think that it helps children work together in fundraising with their parents using fun events like this. It’s a great achievement for the children to feel they have worked hard to raise the money themselves.

Here is a little write up from a group of our dancers today.
“We loved making cakes and buns for our bake sale today. We have raised lots of money for our dance school. We are really happy. Making all the buns was lots of fun and we’ve tasted a lot and they are all yummy! Go Bodyrockerz and good luck to the next team who will bake next!”

Written together by:

Emme Keen age 8
Millie Spencer age 9
Isabel Lockwood age 8
Kayla Williams age 5
Amelia Thornton age 8
Jessica Knopwood age 6

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