Commercial Workshop taught by Adam Sorrell.  

“I LOVED the commercial workshop.  It was so good to do something so different.  I found the class to be really fun and Adam had put together challenging choreography that pushed every one of us out of our comfort zones; but in a good way! Adam was so welcoming and nice to everyone, and he pushed us to do our best with what he had given us.  Before the workshop, I had only ever done commercial once before so we were all really new to the style but we all quickly caught on that it was ‘all about sass’ and improved on our skills to put this into the steps we were taught.  Bodyrockerz is SO good for offering workshops like this to us all, I am so glad we got the opportunity to try something new and different.  I would most definitely attend this workshop if he came back to Bodyrockerz again and would recommend it to anyone! I loved it!!“

Written by Holly Wisniewski, Bodyrockerz pupil, age 15.

Freestyle Workshop taught by Adam Sorrell.  

“On Tuesday Adam Sorrell came to Bodyrockerz to do two workshops; one Freestyle, and one Commercial.  I really enjoyed the freestyle workshop because I love Freestyle and I’m excited to have just achieved getting into Intermediates.  There were lots of new moves to learn with a new style to freestyle dancing.  I also liked the Commercial workshop because it was something new to try.  Overall I had a really good day in the Christmas holidays, and I would definitely do it again if Adam came back to do more workshops.”

Written by Isobelle Knopwood, Bodyrockerz pupil, age 12.

Jumpsplits Workshop taught by Helen Ttofa.  

“I really enjoy it when Helen from Jumpsplits comes to do workshops at our dance school.  Helen works with us on fitness and stamina, which helps us to impress the judges when at competitions.  Although it is tiring we have lots of fun!!  Helen is a really nice person who helps us to achieve our dreams. It was great to finish the year with a workshop that makes you feel good! #workersarewinners !”

Written by Daisy Marsh, Bodyrockerz pupil, aged 11.

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